The Capitalist Cow


One of Brodey’s allegoric tales about capitalism.

Once upon a time there was a cow. It was a huge cow. So huge, if you stood under its tail you could not see its head. It had big tits. In the country where the tits were dripping overhead the people were very glad. Because out of those tits came milk and ice cream all flavours, and warm chocolate milk for those who liked that... and boxes of chocolate and sweets made with milk.

The cow ate enormous amounts of food. The people who lived below the tits didn't care that the cow ate so much. They were too busy gobbling up the delicious ice cream... and licking the cream off each other. They were fat. They had fat cars and sports cars and servants to clean up the dishes. And they had servants to count everything. And these servants were very good at counting and playing tricks with numbers. Some of the servants were rich and some poor. The poor ones lived underneath the tits but very near the tail. Most of the people who actually made things changed wood into houses, or grain into bread, or milk into ice cream lived underneath the tail. That is not a very clean place to be.

What about the people who lived near the cow’s mouth? They were almost all poor very poor. Why? The cow gobbled up all their grass, and everything else they could use to be independent.

Can you imagine the cow's thick rubber lips sucking up first the sweet grass, then the raspberry bushes, then the other bushes and the trees. Next the big teeth

Next the big teeth of the head leaned into the earth and scraped and gnawed away all the tree roots. The people who lived near the mouth hated its gobbling, and chewing and swallowing. Some lived from what slobbered out, at first that seemed sweet, but most of those people gradually discovered that they couldn't grow enough to feed themselves, or build the things they needed. They were taught that their lands were poor and that they had to buy the things and the food that were sold to them by the people who lived underneath the tits. To pay for the things that were sent from the land underneath the tits they had to shovel their own good food and minerals and all sorts of valuable things into the path of the gobbling suck lip lips. Often they could not pay for the things they had grown or made themselves, with their own hands and material or the food that they grew on their own land. They could eat what had already gone bad. They worked harder and harder feeding the cow all they had. But they poorer and porer the harder they worked. cause they didnt work for themselves and they were taught in every way to respect the laws that said that the tit people owned eveything. They could buy what would sometimes keep them from starving by working to shovel food into the mouth that fed the tits.

The people who owned the mouth and the lips and the teeth knew what was happening. They called it "good business" and "protecting the rights of the people" and "being democratic." They knew what was happening.

They had control. They had control rooms in offices built into the teeth and headquarters on the head. They bought and sold everything, and everywhere they went they bought and sold, at their rich mans clubs, at their parties, in their huge houses and on cruises where they could eat in first class they made deals and talked business. Sometimes they got off their boats and danced with the people by the mouth and thought they were colorfull...and lazy. The people who had this sort of way of living on top of the cow and looking down while they were at their offices, and living underneath the tits when they were home, which wasnt too often...had fancy places for big deals. These were called palaces and parliaments and had special police protection and special laws making them sacred. These special places were high up on the cows back. The fancy people made the rules be sure that they continued to have it good. They had lots of taxis and airplanes and they had headquarters. These were even higher, and were located on the cows head. From these headquarters they could look down, and after adding and subtracting lots of numbers, very special numbers they said... they would decide where to move the cows tongue/sticky next. The whole head took longer to move, it was so big. The headquarters people kept themouth of the cow and its lips as far from their own countries as possible. Of course those people who lived on the back of the cow didnt really have a country, they could move aroun so easily. They were international. They often lived in the tops of hotels or in villas with big walls inside these were gardens and tennis courts to keep them from getting too fat. That was their struggle cause everywhere they went they got the fattest milk, they bathed in cream, and they could just phone the number people and give orders that would decide who would get the cream they didn’t want and who would get the job at licking the cream off someone else. And in the countries lying nearer to the tits the tit people dreamed every night of climbing up into the the the palaces and parliaments on the cows back. To be able to improve their chances they helped the people on the back and did everything to keep the people underneath the tail and by the head just as poor as possible without getting them too mad. They helped themselves and the people on the back by the way they ordered the people underneath the tail to work and by the way they cheated and fooled them. Everything was done to keep the people underneath the tail from seeing what was happening and putting it right. 

Some of the tit people weren’t doing so well. There was lots of cream and butter and chocolate but some tit people just didn’t like licking the extra off the fattest types as a way of getting their nourishment, even though there was lots of fat to lick. Those who didnt like it or who weren’t good at licking had to move over and live underneath the tail. A few who were good at licking in the right places made it to the top, but very few. It was like a lottery where everyone played at winning but there were only very few prizes.

Actually there was big trouble, and the trouble was getting worse. The huge cow was eating everywhere. There were no more lands that hadn't known the sound of the incessant chewing and munching and burbing, and the little drips that came from the mouth were carefully shovelled to the tit kind of people who managed the land around the mouth so the mouth could get the best. Most of the people around the mouth were catching on. At first they were fooled into thinking that if they let the cow take over they would get ahead. It was easier to fool the people when there wasn't any radio or T.V. and when they poor people didn't know about the rich ones. The few fat people in the poor lands were having a harder time convincing the others that the cow was good. All the poor people wanted to live in the land under the tits... it was clearly the best. Even the workers there were swimming in fat. Thats what the radio and t.v. showed. "Only the best and hardest working make it to the top" and "hard work makes you fat!" The kids saw movies and pretended they were fat even when they were hungry. Hard work makes you fat it was said, but it was clear that the fat people who visited the lands around the mouth didn't work at all?

Some of the skinny people began to put their heads and fists together and they began to see the whole cow! They saw that the head with the mouth was connected to the tits! They saw that the ice cream and cream and the chocolate milk were all produced by making people poor. They saw that the people who lived under the tail and the people whose land was robbed had to work together!

The people who lived right under the tail saw it first. Why did they see that first? That is easy. Underneath the tail was a big brown hole and out of it came shit. The working people who lived underneath the tail had to do all the dirty work. And had to live where it was polluted. They knew that often the ones who worked the hardest were the poorest, and did the dirtiest work and lived where it stunk. The people underneath the tits told them what to do. They promised the children's mothers and fathers that there children would surely live underneath the tits if they would just respect the cow and do what they were told. You can be sure that they said as little as they could about the head especially to the workers children who were taught at special schools for making them believe in the cow while they were also trained so that they couldn't live underneath the tits, work hard they said and just do your job. The experts tell us how to organize your work. If you don't have a job we will pay you, with the money that was taken from your pay.

It was true the tail people were paid to do everything necessary to keep the cow working smoothly. Without the tail people there would be no one to milk the cow, to clean it, to build the pipe lines, to look after its stomachs and to brush its hair and brush its teeth, to build its teeth, to build its stomachs. To make its legs, to push the shit out of the shit hole. That's how the tail people knew so much about the cow and the details of the inventions and processes and scheming that they used to build it. In a way they knew the details best cause they did the things that they were ordered to do in order to make money. All they had that was theirs to sell was their capacity to do the work, and make things work.

And the tail people, some of them knew about the head and the teeth, especially those whose work it was to fight and kill the people at the head who were too angry, or to split them so they would fight each other. They knew about the gobbling and the tearing up of all the roots, and digging and chomping and bombing and threats. Some of the people underneath the tail didn't care. Some felt it wasn't their business; their business was to move over to the land underneath the tits and give the orders! Or to work hard enough that their children could. They believed the lies they were told by the servants of the fat ones. The people underneath the tits had so many many of the working people just waited and tried to hold out. They tried to fight back and they often won but they were only able to fight for a little more cream, each fight but that was important. Those who lead the fight were bought up by the headquarters people, or threatened with jail, or split from their friends, or murdered, or kept out of jobs or fired...but as long as the tail people supported each other and worked together they could protect each other, and get stronger. The fat people used their offices and parliaments and the time that they had, and all the servants to split the workers, by color and religion and by ages and by education. They broke up the families by moving the people so fast from one place to another that they lost their connections and finally got completely dependent on what they could buy with the money they got from selling their power to work and they came home so tired that their children mostly learned what to believe in at school. And that was lies. The teachers too had to work for the fat people; they taught it was right to be polite and civilized and that was made to mean that you must protect the privilege of the fat people to lie back and suck up the good from everywhere. And the fat people, were better they said than kings and Queens, and they used the parliaments and Congresses and Presidents to keep the people from breaking the laws that they made to protect the fat people at the headquarters and on the back and lying underneath the tits. They also were skilled at making laws that split the tail and hand people against each other, so each group felt they needed the laws to protect them from the other. Everyone was kept so hungry and tired and confused they were very irritable and often they drank too much poison cream called alcohol just to get away from the mess and the shit. 

The fat people gave the tail people as little milk and cream as possible. There were a lot of tail people. And from the times of the lions it was the tradition that the tail people get very little. They got more during the time of the cow and that is one reason some of the tail people felt a certain loyalty to the cow, they had built it though they certainly hadn’t expected that the fruits of their work would be kept from them. But the workers were allowed two weeks holiday with pay. The tail people were given as little as possible... and if the tail people didn't get the little extra they needed to be less tired they didn't get to do their work as well. The tit people tried to balance just right so they could lie back and swim in the fat and lick the cream off each other without having to bother about hiring workers to fight for them... workers who had been split off and were offered extra cream and a place in the fat. But sometimes the workers stuck together stood up against the bosses and went on strike. And even workers who were ordinarily split were solid with each other... ... they wouldn't clean up the piles of shit, or shovel food between the stomachs until they got more money. They often won cause the bosses didn't want any big organizations that they couldn't control. The bosses even had strike leaders that they paid to strike in a way that would split the working people or make them feel that first came the survival of the cow.... and after that the interests of the tail people. After all where would the tail people be without their homes underneath the shit hole. Everyone pretended that the cow was necessary.

It was the people around the mouth that had to change things, and when they started to bring about their changes and organized to understand the cow and fight back the mouth that gave the people underneath the tail more hope. Or was it the people underneath the tail who got the changes started. Or had the cow created the situation that there were people strong enough to effectively fight back. Or was it that there wasn't any place on the whole earth that the cow's mouth could be moved that hadn't been chewed up before. Or was it that the shit from underneath the tail was getting in its mouth. The cow had been moved so many places that it was walking in shit up to its knees. The shit was so big it was everywhere. And the more of its shit it made the more it ate and the more shit was getting in the ice cream. The people underneath the tail got the worse garbage and the people by the mouth were fooled but they knew they must fight to take control. Under the tits the lowest level lickers could hardly find the ice cream for the shit. It was terrible. Advertisements said it was a new modern flavour. It was even pretty plastic boxes and pictures of pure girls' breasts didn't improve the flavour, or keep the people from getting sick. Then the people in headquarters got a new style; they gave the cow plastic pills to take away all the flavour from the milk, but nothing worked well. Even the poor or people under the tits knew that the cow was going to die, or had to be killed. They felt very hopeless about what could be done. 

They had been taught that if the cow died they would be hungry. They did not know, that it was the people underneath the tail who though they didn't take control still kept the cow working. The people on the back, at the headquarters and lying underneath the tits did everything to prevent the people underneath the tail from learning about and using their power... except for letting them use it enough to see what leaders had to be bought off, or shot. But it began to dawn on people that they were kept hungry and the people on the back in the congresses parliaments and palaces were ordering food to be burned and destroyed even when the people underneath the tail and by the mouth didn't have enough. The tail people were supposed to shoot at each other, and at the mouth people and to protect the people on the top from those who had begun to act on their belief that the capitalist cow was not able to survive.

The changes began. The fat people who drove around in fat cars and had forgotten how to walk became afraid. And the tit people and the people on the back and the headquarters people, organized to make the tail people pay for extra guns mounted on the mouth to guard the tongue and the lips and the teeth. They made laws for that they could escape but the working people couldn't. They were expert with playing those kinds of tricks with their system. Some tail people were throwing shit down the cow's throat and laughing and they mostly began to know how the cow would act but they felt very helpless case they believed in the power that the lion had in his last groan used to join the buy and sell people who took over the management. The tail people waited till the fat people weakened, and in fact created more tail people and... the beginnings of a time when the cow didn't fit.

Two headquarter groups began to fight each other. They organized a great war to be fought by the tail people against each other. The people on the top always played the game of who could be the toppest, and control the mostest and be the nicest superboss.

That was part of what the cow was about. But, of course the people on the top always stuck together if someone from below tried to take over.

Well the people from underneath the tail who had begun to study all about the cow decided to take over headquarters, they thought that the headquarters were located in the parliament or in the palaces at first. It was a revolution. And they had good leaders, and fought to win when the stronger people on the top were busy fighting each other; so they were able to take over in a way that was very fast. The tail people who took over worked very hard to support each other in making the tail people the ones who decided what would be done with the things they made, and what they would make. And how they would save. But it was hard for them cause all the tit people all over the world and the headquarters people and the working people who believed they should live under the tail all did everything to see that the revolution wouldn't work. And they sent soldiers and spies and found traitors and isolated and used all their old weapons. The revolutionaries had a time making trouble for the people who always had lied on their backs sucking up what came from the tits without doing anything themselves except fight about how much ice cream would buy a pint of jam. They were stopped from licking and cheating each other, while they used up what the tail people had produced. Some were killed. The tit

people all over the world were afraid. And the tail people and the head people all over the world began to learn about the cow and began to believe that the people who shovelled in the grass, and fixed the pipes and set the valves and made the cow into a creature that could produce instead of just a creature to prove who owned what... the productive people who the tilt people used... should control the means and results of their own work.

Every trick was used to prevent this idea from spreading. The parliaments controlled by the bosses at the headquarters, and the tilt people all joined in their fight to fool and split the head and tail people and all those who believed that the cow was not a good creature because it split the people of the world into classes of head tail and tilt people.

It was true that the cow system was better than the lion system that was there before the cow. The palaces and parliaments were left over from the days when the lions ruled. The fat lions ate everything just like the cow but they didn't produce much. The lions lived in castles and they got their power my cutting off the hands of everyone who didn't do what they were told, and from taxing everything, and they had slaves... some of the slaves became the people underneath the tail when the lions were defeated. The countries where the slaves were kidnapped from became the mouth countries and those who worked for the rich people buying and selling slaves climbed to the top of the cow, and their inheritors later took over headquarters. But the cow was able to make a lot anything. The kings and queens didnt make things, nor do the people in the headquarters. When the lions were defeated their power was used to create the crowns and thrones of parliaments and their tricks were written into the rules, but now it was the buyers and sellers and those who were rich that got the advantages that allowed them to keep the shit coming down on the workers under neath the tail. New tricks were added that allowed the cow to grow, and though people knew it was trickery and slavery in a more modern form it was a big improvement.

The old cow was about 300 years old when the new cow was created, or should we say rearranged The revolution was a revolution that wasn't just taking over the palaces and thrones and putting in new presidents, no, it was the first time that there was among the people a beginning understanding that the people under the tail and the people by the mouth didnt need the people underneath the tits or the people on the back or the palaces and parliaments or the headquarters people to do the planning and give orders and divide the cream and who gets to lick the cream first and how to waste it to show power and things like that. They were no longer necessary those people who lay underneath the tits slurping like pigs or fighting while they licked to be where the thickest cream was or closest to the top. And the people underneath the head and by the tail began to shake hands and teach each other. And they all took courage from the realization that there were so many more of them than of the people who lived by taking advantage of what the workers who lived by the mouth and under the tail actually created.

But the people on the back got so much help from their servants, and those who hoped to make it to the top and those who were afraid they would lose what they had, and they used guns and soldiers and sabotage of all sorts to change the new cow into one like the old one, they knew the lions had been overthrown cause they became wasteful, hated, and could not compete with the power that was created as people invented factories and such social changes that needed the buy and sell people to take their place in history. So at long last after fighting back for as long as it could even against the ignorance within itself as to how to make a new kind of creature the new cow turned into another variety of the old one. It was a victory for the old cow's headquarters but cause the old cow and now the new cow lived in the same way, they both began eating up the grass, bushes, rasbery bushes where there were any left, and trees and then finally laying their heavy armed teeth against the ground and chewing up all the roots so nothing could grow back, and what they left behind was dead. And they did this with the fish too, eating all the tiniest fish that would have grown into big ones. And so the big old cow and the teenage new cow that was strong in its way began a new cowfight. The younger, to get through began to eat everywhere especially where it could get the tail or head people to believe that it would help them defeat the older cow, or that it was better cause it talked about the cow problem, but in fact it used selling bombs and guns to the people near the mouth to get them so dependant that the only way they could pay back was to shovel and shovel all day and night to feed the huge sharp teethed mouth of the teen aged cow. And the old and new cow both split the people and sold them weapons so they would fight each other. Why? The people underneath the tail were getting more and more restless, and even the police and the army were needed to keep them from stealing the cream and organizing to take over control more and more until the cow was weakened enough that they could build a new kind of creature. New creatures had been built before. No more liens the business people said when they understood to cow and to advantages from them and they finally put the lions in cages and kept them in zoos while they took over. The lions still managed to make trouble, but mostly they were used to keep their palaces as guest houses for the headquarters people. Now the cows needed to be put in cages cause they were eating too much and producing too little that was useful and wasting and killing everything. The cows by their own behavior created the people new circumstances and threat of death that united even some of the people from underneath the tits in the fight to kill the cows. But they weren't very sure how they could manage without the cream to lick.

The new cow didn't have so many people underneath but those who were there licked fiercely and so loudly that the working people who had made a revolution to get rid of the cow, could hear the licking. And though the palaces were more modern and hidden in the woods, and the special stores didn't advertise that they had the cream for those who could afford to lick it... cause they had tickets, still the working people knew they were being cheated again, and that the system of cheating was just more modern. But the secret police were fierce too, just like the gangsters that the old cow taught the people by the tail to fear. Only a few people were allowed up on the new cows back. Both cows did everything to make all the people believe that they were the only kind of creature that could exist. Both specialized in stopping any action that didn't go through their digestion. And they built world bombs that they could throw at each other to see which would take over the whole world, and to threaten all those who would act against cows. It was the best way to split people. Those who acted against the cows and upset their balance would, so the cows said cause the world to be not just shoveled into the mouth and shitted so deep all the creatures were dying, but if the system of head tits and tail and the people who kept it working were to interfere then the whole earth would be made poison so very little could grow, and only afew people live. Less and less people believed the cows could survive. The people underneath the tits and in the parliaments and palaces and at the headquarters strengthened their police, and their military and put tricks in the laws so they could use police against those who did not believe in the cows as the best and only law and order. So that as few as possible could defeat the many who protested weapons were made that allowed a single or small group of police or military to control whole mobs of people, those who surged up from underneath the tail, and those at the head who now refused to shovel their own wealth into the mouth.

One country that had millions and millions of people was famous as a land by the mouth, where the mouth of the old cow could chew and chew and the people could be forced to shovel and shovel and it didn't cost too much to arm the teeth, and some of the people could be made to do the work of the under the tail people just by giving them the smallest amount of the food they shoveled into the mouth back. These people were very disorganized, and were mostly controlled by small lions. And these lions were used to serve the people who sat in offices built into the teeth and given some of the mouth drippings in return for pushing the shovelers till they died from hunger while they shoveled in the food.

These people had nothing to lose, and when they began to be awareness of how the cow system worked they began to fight back in a new way! All the people, every single person who fought the cow began slowly at first then faster to recognize the tricks, that the lions and the cows used. And they organized a different kind of leadership right from the beginning. It was a leadership that was inside and among them at the same time as it was central and above them. The leaders learned what the people wanted by listening and hearing and used the position on top like when you climb a tree to see farther or to be able to talk to more people very clearly and give orders that are right and then walk on the ground with the others and work at making things that can be used, and not at making others work for you.

A new kind of creature came on the scene. It wasn't a lion, it wasn't a cow, it was a people creature. Can you imagine that? It was made of people who knew they were people and could all learn to grow grass and raspberry bushes and trees and what-ever else they wanted. And they learned from each other that they could grow them better than they ever had before, bigger fatter raspberries and could eat them themselves without giving most of their energy to keeping that big, huge cow alive. They could work hard cause they were working and thinking and creating without everything they did making their enemy the cow stronger and more able to defeat them. And to cheat them. And to make their children confused by the promise that if they did right they wouldn't have to work anymore just live in leisure, sporty with cream dropping from the udders, or ice cream or chocolate milk. The people creature people saved a lot began slowly at first then faster to recognize the tricks, that the lions and the cows used. And they organized a different kind of leadership right from the beginning. It was a leadership that was inside and among them at the same time as it was central and above them. The leaders learned what the people wanted by listening and hearing and used the position on top like when you climb a tree to see farther or to be able to talk to more people very clearly and give orders that are right and then walk on the ground with the others and work at making things that can be used, and not making others work for you.

A new kind of creature came on the scene. It wasn't a lion, it wasn't a cow, It was a people creature. Can you imagine that? It was made of people who knew they were people and could all learn to grow grass and raspberry bushes and trees and what ever else they wanted. And they learned from each other that they could grow them better than they ever had before, bigger fatter rasberries and could eat them themselves without giving most of their energy to keeping that big, huge cow alive. They could work hard cause they were working and thinking and creating without everything they did making their enemy the cow stronger and more able to defeat them. And to cheat them. And to make their children confused by the promise that if they did right they wouldn't have to work anymore just live in liesure, sporty with cream dropping from the udders, or ice cream or chocolate milk. The people creature people saved a lotenergy but that was necessary because they were few at first and had to work hard to prevent the cow people from killing them or turning them into joining the young cows fight. That would only lead to changing which cow would be the strongest. The death of the cows was necessary, rather than joining in the struggle the cows had between themselves as to which would be the biggest and strongest and dictate to the other.

No! The problem was for the people underneath the tail and by the mouth to get rid of the control that dictated what was right according to the rules and laws for keeping the people on the top, in the headquarters and underneath the tits able to steal from the workers underneath the tail and at the head. The people underneath the tail and near the mouth had to take over the dictating, until people learned to live in a way that would not lead by habit and treachery to the establishment of more cows. Once the warm blooded creatures among them humankind defeated the dinosaurs, and the metal craft people took over from the stone age people and the lions developed and then the cows defeated them and now the people creatures. Each change is exciting and dangerous and time speeds up when the change gets critical.

Each person in the people creature began to look after his own shit, people were not taught that it was better to let the owners decide. Anyway the people who had lived underneath the tail had learned from experience how to work together in a social way that made toys and house and telephones and T.V. People couldn’t change much they felt, but they felt but the sense that people creatures were right began to grow.

The revolution had resulted in a new cow! The cow people had one. But it took a great big second world war to bring about the changes that changed the first beginning new people creature into a cow. The headquarters people built up a very wild and clever man to attack the first revolutionaries. First he attacked the other people at the top, but soon he was attacking the revolutionary country where the people from underneath the tail had taken over. And he systematically murdered all the people who were known by the people on the top to be sympathetic with the rule of the working people. In order to split the people and distract them and hide the killing of the working people and their organizers, some tit people were killed too, and people whose traditions might lead them to join in the fight against the cow. Everyone was weakened, all the people at the top who weren’t the strongest were put into licking positions. At the top in the headquarters and underneath the tits the hardest people took control, police military and dictatorship by the headquarters through local dictators or number people who controlled who would eat and lick and lick the crumbs..... was controlled more directly from the top. The whole cow was more and more tightly controlled from headquarters, all movements that involved groups of people were controlled, controlled relief of pain by drugs and movies and news happenings allowed to happen to give controlled relief, were designed to enforce the dictatorship of the tit people and their leaders at headquarters and in their palaces and parliaments.

But during the war arranged to stop the growth of those who were against cows, and to give the cow a chance to build up its strength, the people creature that was growing in the land with so many people gained strength. And many of the people at the head began to attack the head. The people on the top of the cow tried to stop the press for independence by controlled relief systems like buying up more local people to run the countries by the head under the dictatorship of the cow headquarters but in the name of the local people. The cow was getting weaker. But all creatures have their lifetime even social creatures. But even a dying cow is strong against people who are just learning their power.

But the secret really began to swell out among the people at the mouth. The mouth is using us to defend it against us! Maybe the headquarters people with all their machines and paid people, like us, to run them aren't as strong as us if we form people creatures. Maybe people creatures can win over big fat plastic cows whose people only work to be paid or because they are afraid of losing their privilege to buy or boss someone else.

The tit people were afraid, and fewer could be trusted to fight off to even be so good at their tricks. Even splitting the mouth and tail didn't work. people were using T.V. to see the mouth from underneath the tail. And tail people and by the mouth people saw lots of films of how the tit people lived. The separation required more force so that groups against the tit people wouldn't form. But it was mostly those who knew the strength of the people creatures and could lead people into forming them successfully that the people in headquarters were afraid of.

The cows began to change to meet the threat, special computer systems were built and lists made and numbers assigned to people so headquarters could reach every single worker in a way that would make it easier to watch him from the top. Everything was regulated so that it could be controlled by fewer and fewer people. This was called efficiency. More and more people were happy to do their work so that it didn't work. And efficiency procedures were made more and more detailed. There were permits for everything, people were searched when they moved by plane from place to place. The milk flow was so regulated that there wasn't much milk. Regulation became more important than producing. Machines the headquarters people said could produce without people. 

The packages they produced were set up to look very pretty but there wasn't much in them, and a lot of people underneath the tail didn't have any work. To avoid trouble the people on the top gave them a share of what the other workers earned by speeding up their production, making more and more each hour but getting a smaller and smaller share of what they produced. It took only a few minutes to earn for the boss what was paid back in wages. After that the boss got the workers time free. The young cow treated the workers the same way as the old one except everywhere there were pictures of parts of people creatures so arranged that if the workers showed they had put the pictures together they would be sent to prison. And even the old cow used parts of what the people wanted as bait to get them to feel they were progressing. But the people only felt split, hopeless and defeated and knew it was wrong to be hungry when it was possible to spend so much money on police and weapons for bombing the people at the mouth.

The war against the first big people creature was lost, many people lost their lives but that war was like the war against the cow that the people at the tail took over, and held power over until they were overwhelmed by the treachery of the old cow and their own lack of experience at creating a people creature. But,...

Another war against a smaller people creature was fought out in the open. And the now rapidly growing people creature that remained helped the little one. And the new cow helped too because this was its way to fight the old cow. It was the old cow that was pushing the new people creature to try to turn it into a land that would supply those gobbling lips. The lips were made of rubber and this place near the mouth had always supplied rubber to make the lips bigger and more able to suck up all the goods from the people around the mouth. The old cow also expected that the people creature would organize to suck out the grass and bushes and trees and roots of the small people creature. In the days of the cow everything was done between all things to build the power of the fattest, and everything was done to compete to be fatter and it was customary for the servants to take what lickings they could get by strengthening the bosses. But the older people creature had a different organization. It did not act to profit from the losses of its neighbours. No, it seemed to profit most by making its neighbours independant people creatures. And the kind of war that the people creatures fought was a peoples war. That could happen because the people were fighting for themselves and not for the cream lickers or the lickers parliament or the headquarters that controlled the parliaments. The people used their whole selves and their selves together in groups and all the profit that came of doing more work than they needed just to pay themselves and they used that profit which was their capital to do what they believed was right and every group small and larger decide most of what they thought was important for their own group. The people creature was made up of cells and organs and larger systems and each really tried to look after itself and that meant helping the neighbors, cause if one cell got sick that would put the others into being bosses... and the only people everyone felt needed real bossing was those who were for building cows. They were kept under strict control.

Well there was lots of fighting between the people creatures and the two cows, but it became clearer and clearer that the people creatures were the creatures that were more developed partly cause they grew out of the changes that the cows had brought about and so were more able to handle the new environment. For example it was clear to people that in the days of the cow the working people had learned to create lots of food and everything that people needed but the people on the top needed everything to be scarce just like it was in the days of the lions, but they also needed to produce a lot so they had plenty for the fat people and scarcity for the many people who lived underneath the hole below the tail. So the people under the tail produced less and less and did not use their power. Why should they use it against themselves. But so much energy and good supplies from the people at the mouth were wasted. Then the people at the top said there wasn't enough for everyone and since they had power they could lie underneath the tits. But they only had power if they could use the working people against each other and until the working people organized their own unity and leadership. When the little people creature won against the big one, people over the whole world began to wonder how they could rid themselves of the cows and form people creatures. And they began. And the workers knew that only they had the power to remove the cows because they had been the ones that kept the cows alive.

The people underneath the tail and the people by the mouth who saw the cow for what it was... and realized that they must learn to form people creatures began to read and learn and practice what they could learn from the history of the people creatures and they formed people creature leadership to help them organize to defeat the cows without being destroyed by the world bombs that the cows used to threaten them.